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Office lighting

Zmarta Group office

By March 24, 2022March 30th, 2022No Comments

Project Zmarta Group office, Kv. Resedan 3, Odengatan/Dalagatan, Stockholm, Sweden, Project Management and Facility
Management RightFM AB
Architect Sweco Swesen
Light planning Ljus design by exengo
Electrical fittings Storstadens El
Distribution Annel
Product ILO system
Photographer Sten Jansin, Jansin & Hammarling

Refurbished office with industrial character which breathes comfort and playfulness. Exengo has made a well-planned lighting solution in the old Post Office, where the ILO luminaire family with light in lines with “raw” finish of untreated aluminium reinforces the architectural expression.

Newly refurbished offices in the old post office at Odengatan/Dalagatan will be the workplace for Zmarta Group, which includes the Zmarta, Elskling, Insplanet and MyLoan brands. 140 people were meant to move in at the total of 1,600 square meter office in March 2020, but when we visit the premises, they are almost empty because of the Corona pandemic. Now practically everyone works at home. Three floors with office landscape, conference room, dining room and “playroom” will welcome employees back to normal office life. Here all people have their own workplace and they can also choose to work in sofa groups, quiet rooms and meeting rooms etc.