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Office lighting

Sandnes Town Hall

By March 29, 2022No Comments

Project Sandnes Town Hall, Norway
Architect Code of Practice Architects GmbH Berlin
Lighting design SML lighting
Product ILO Pendant Direct/Indirect with Helvar sensor Active+, ILO Ceiling
Photographer Sebastien Friess

Customized ILO profiles for Sandnes Town Hall

The stunning building of the new town hall in Sandnes, Norway, is beautifully located on the edge of a fjord in the city. The design scheme for lighting the building considered an active illumination and a warm and pleasant experience for the employees and visitors. Besides, the client submitted strict requirements related to lm/w, UGR and homogeneous light.

ILO pendant and ceiling luminaires with specifically set direct and indirect light distribution were installed across all office workplace as well as in the large stairwell in the center of the building, where the fittings were mounted on ceiling brackets. All pendants are equipped with Active+ sensor from Helvar with daylight harvesting and presence detection functionality. Automatically controlled luminaires adjust the amount of light according to brightness, daylight and presence in the room, creating an interactive experience and adjusting the light when needed.