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Office lighting

Newsroom of the Savings Banks Finance Group

By March 16, 2022March 30th, 2022No Comments

Project Newsroom of the Savings Banks Finance Group
Architect Kinzo Architekten GmbH
Lighting design Jack be nimble
Client German Savings Banks and Giro Association
Distribution Ellux Lighting Solutions
Product EOS System

The office with ceiling windows requires a smart lighting design, where luminaires do not spoil the look out of the windows and the feeling of openness. A luminaire with a transparent panel seems to be the perfect choice for such needs.

EOS System delivers a homogenous lighting when the luminaire is turned ON, while it gets completely transparent when it is switched OFF. Being available in curved and rectangular shape, it offers the possibility to make different lighting compositions and customized options: U-shape, circle, curved.

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