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Project DEG8, Oslo, Norway
Lighting and Distribution SML Lighting
Products ILO Ceiling System, Customized length (440mm) of ILO MINI with modular optic
Photographer Dag Sandven

The main objective of the renovation of DEG8 (Dronning Eufemias gate 8) building was to significantly reduce the energy consumption and to transform the building into a flexible multi-store office-building with an exclusive look. Concept and solutions for lighting in the building have been a very thoroughly treated theme by the lighting designers throughout all phases of the project and the result shows a lighting system that is extremely well integrated into the architectural design. The building has workplaces in the zone along the glass facades and the corridor zone runs along the core. The lighting concept is based on the establishment of a logical hierarchy, where the zone along glass facades has a higher light level and colder color temperature, while the inner corridor zones and social common areas have warmer and dimmer light. By using variation in color temperature, the distinction between the various functions in the building is clarified and the lighting environment becomes less monotonous.

The walkway zone along the core is marked with a longitudinal light-line, where ILO Ceiling System was implemented. The light-line illuminates the core walls, emphasizes their structure and helps to define the walking zone in open areas. In the evening, when the general lighting is off in areas without presence, it is the light line along the building’s inner core that gives the building its new night identity.
The project was nominated fort he Norwegian Lighting Prize 2021 in the category «Best indoor project».