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Office lighting

Neubau Cohu GmbH

By March 30, 2022No Comments

Project Neubau Cohu GmbH, Kolbermoor
Lighting design Schuster Buchner Schmid Ingenieurbüro für Elektrotechnik, Hohenlinden
Electrical Elektro Hartinger, Kolbermoor
Technical support and distribution Rode GmbH Lichttechnik
Product Kyra, custom-made length 4,4m

With its low UGR and a homogeneous illumination, Kyra is most suitable for offices, classrooms and similar ambiences. The mentioned project is particularly special, as we manufactured Kyra fittings in 4400mm single-piece lengths, delivering up/down and uninterrupted light. Kyra offers many different options to adapt the light to your architecture.

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